Unlimited Episode, Flat-Fee, Podcast Show Notes & Transcription

Record More, Stress Less With PodWords Transcription Service

Save 30 hours each month

If you have a weekly podcast, you're spending at least 30 hours a month on show notes, transcription & summaries. Get that time back.

Create More Content

You got into Podcasting because you liked creating audio content! Hand off the writing tasks and focus on the tasks you love and making more great content each month. If you're in this for the long-haul it's time to delegate.

Grow Your Podcast

Handing over the admin tasks related to podcasting means that you have more time to market your show, reach out to new guests and tell people about it. Show Notes are fantastic for SEO, driving traffic for related terms.

Get More Listeners

Your listeners have questions and the only way they'll find your show is through search & text. Adding quality transcriptions and show notes summaries of the topics discussed lets people find you easily. Appeal to those people that like to read before they listen.

Simplify Your Workflow

When you wear all of the hats, creating a Podcast from end to end can be challenging. If you focus on the audio content and let us produce your show notes, you can reduce stress and put more energy into your show.

We Specialize In Podcasts

Our processes are specifically built to help Podcast Hosts maximize their time and get their show published efficiently. While there are plenty of transcription services out there, we are focused on Podcasts and we know what works inside-out.

We know you've probably tried other transcription services before and they may not have delivered the kind of service that you had hoped for.

We want to change that.

Our aim is to build a recurring, sustainable service, that can deliver quality month after month.

Working with Podcast Hosts to simplify their workload is at the heart of what we want to achieve. Our service is built on your feedback and shaped to help you to create more episodes and grow your podcast.

A simple service that you can rely on.


We like to keep things simple. No calculating run-time, or sticking to a rigid schedule. Just provide your edited audio files to us and we'll treat your show notes as if they were our own.

We don't mind if you have a daily show or a whenever-you-feel-like recording kind of a show - whenever you create, we'll take care of it.

Monthly Transcriptions or Show Notes - $299/mo


1 Test Episode - Transcriptions or Show Notes - $99

What's Included

Our monthly plans include :-

1 Show

Flat Fee

Standardized Templates

Unlimited Episodes

Unlimited Time Limit

72 Hour Turnaround

Hand-Written Transcriptions

After your test episode or 30 day trial, we'll reach out to you for feedback.
If you are happy with our service, you will be invited to join our recurring service.


Q: How is this different than using a freelancer?
A: With a freelancer you're just swapping writing time for management time. Our processes are setup to eliminate the back-and-forth you normally have when hiring a freelancer. We work to make the process as sweet as possible.
Freelancers have projects of all sizes and a transcription task isn't always priority. It is for us. We just focus on writing for Podcasts. No schedule co-ordination needed here, we're always ready and waiting for your next show to drop.

Q: Can I see some examples of your work?
A: Sure! Just send an e-mail to helen@podwords.co and we can send you some recent transcript and show note samples. We'll also be adding links here to showcase our work soon too!

Q: How does this work?
A: When you sign up, we reach out to you via e-mail within 24 hours. You send your edited podcast episodes to us, we deliver your transcription and show notes in 72 hours. That's it! Super simple and sweet.

Q: Why Are You Expensive?
A: We know our flat-fee pricing isn't for everyone and that's okay. If you're just getting started we know that you'll probably start by writing your own show notes. We hope when the time comes that you want to hand those tasks over, you'll think of us.
We want to focus on quality, build a sustainable business and work with clients that are into Podcasting for the long-haul.

Q: Is It Really Unlimited?
A: Yes, it is. If you have an infrequent 20 minute show, that's fine. If you deliver hour-long monologues every week, that's fine too. However you create, we want to make sure that you're not cutting your content short to fit within our constraints. Go, make great content, and we'll be there to help!

Q: Can you do show notes following my existing template?
A: Sure, as soon as you come on board with us, we'll take a close look at your previous episodes and the content that you put with them. You can then choose between our standard templates for our flat fee or we can calculate a custom price for you depending on the complexity of what you are looking for.

Q: I don't stick to a regular publishing schedule, is that ok?
A: It certainly is. We want you to grow your podcast, unleash new ideas and that can happen at any time. No schedules here.

Q: I currently write my own show notes, do I need to switch?
A: If you hate writing, then yes! Take a look at the tasks you do each day. You're busy because you try to do everything yourself. We try and keep things simple. If you value your time at more than $15 per hour, then it's time to hand-over to us.

Q: How do I launch my podcast?
A: We can help you with your show notes and transcriptions but we don't host, launch or publicize shows. Go speak with the fine folks over at Transistor.fm - that's exactly what they do.